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Here's more info from the show... (Voting closed 6/16; final 2 winners will be announced at the TSNN Awards Gala on 8/11)

What challenge(s) did the show face? 

1. The show was growing with the years, but we were not having enough machinery on show floor, the attendees were requesting to have them in the event. 
For this edition we closed a deal with a new machinery Association which brought a huge Machinery pavilion on show floor (1500 m2 gross). We presented for the first time the ETMS Pavilion (Experience for Technology, Manufacturer and Solutions) from ATMS (Association for Technology, Manufacture and Solutions. with 28 Machinery companies. 

2. Our conference program was growing very slow with the years, so we changed the strategy and we got close with other international show organizers and with the support of ATM (The Association for Manufacturing Technology) we could present world wide leaders, we had a very innovated program which allowed us to increase a 32% attendees versus past edition (2017). (from 472 to 695 attendees). 

3. Exhibitors and visitors every year want to see international trends, and more visitors from all over the country and from other territories 

What was the Best of Show solution(s)? 
Facing an industrial revolution based on Internet of things, Expo Manufactura consolidated its brand name as the most innovator show in Mexico, presenting all new trends for the Manufacturing Sector. With a very complete show floor with machinery, automation and robotics solutions, and all related to evolve the industrial processes. Expo Manufactura also had a very strong international Conference Program, with industrial leaders talking about the future for this sector. It attracted the decision makers and buyers in its 3 days of show. 
We strength our networking activities, such as the VIP Luncheon with over 200 industry leaders, The Vip Tour with 80 buyers walking the show at a special schedule for them, VIP visitors Delegation from Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador. 
We also brought 56 matchmaking meetings for our loyal exhibitor' Program. 
We also closed a deal with A3 (Association for Advancing Automation), so we presented one conference day focused on Automation and Robotics, our Automation and Robotics Pavilion increased 40% for 2019 edition. 
We also have 360 networking meetings coordinated by CAINTRA (The Manufacturing Industry Chamber of Nuevo Leon). 
And what were the overall results and impact on the show? 
1.- The show floor increased 10% (1538m2). 
2.- More than 450 top of the range machines and equipment were shown at the show. This is enhancing the conversion to industry 4.0 in Mexico and the region. 
3.- 336 exhibiting companies’ vs 311 from last year's edition. A 9% increase from one edition to the other in companies wanting to showcase their products and services. 
4.- Attendees to the Conference Program increase from 473 to 695, a 32% increase over last year’s edition. 
5.-We increased attendance 4 % 
6.- Social media is growing. This year we had 15,163 fans in Facebook (+3,480 compared to last year) and 1,669 followers in Twitter (+669 compared to last edition). We contacted more than 45 groups in LinkedIn and were able to reach more than 150 professionals. We managed to get 13,985 views on our YouTube channel. 
What innovative practices, customer service and/or networking environments occurred to make it the best show ever? 
We developed special activities to attract specific targets for example: 
1.- VIP Luncheon: to attract CEO's, CFO's, COO's, General Directors and Plant Directors, Engineering Chiefs, Government leaders, main chambers and Associations. 
2.- Tour VIP we open the show only for this group, around 80 people walk the show in this tour (company's owner and buyers) 
3.- 56 Business meetings that brought specific buyers to our exhibitors 
4.- Caintra Business Center with 360 meetings. 
5.- The International Conference Program attracted 696 people (Technical specialist, Engineers, researchers, Plants operators, Supervisors, analysts, Consultants and others directed related with processes, assembling, automation, production... 
Did you initiate an “out of the box” idea? 

We consider that to be the leader show in the industry we have to be the strongest one!, the relations and supports, plus the loyalty of our exhibitors and visitors for 22 years made a very successful event. 
We believe in business relationships for years, we were waiting so long to add a very important piece to EXPO MANUFACTURA, finally we brought the ETMS Pavilion with 28 companies exhibiting world wide machinery, it was huge success to all exhibitors, attendees and the event. 
We believe in training, we were developing The Official Conference Program for years, we started with rooms with less than 20 people, now we received 695 conference attendees, that is the result of many years of work having the support of the leader associations and chambers. 
Now a days EXPO Manufactura is an International show with Exhibitors and Attendees from over 19 countries. 

Show Details

Location of Show:
Monterrey, Mexico

Date of Show:
February 6, 7, 8, 2018

Number of attendees:

Number of exhibitors:

Size of showfloor in net sq. footage:

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