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Best of Show Awards

Best of Show Awards

Voting is closed for TSNN's "Best of Show" Award!

Voting has closed - the final 2 "Best of Show" winners will be announced at the Gala celebration August 11th!

Drumroll please….

After a RECORD year of nominations, we proudly unveiled the top 7 show finalists competing for the TWO “Best of Show” Awards being announced at TSNN Awards Aug. 10-12 in Louisville (www.T-awards.com). Voting closed June 16th midnight ET. 

The two winners were determined on social media and industry voting! The final 2 "Best of Show" winners will be announced at the Gala celebration August 11th!

Waste Expo – Why a finalist? Because they "wowed" in multiple ways and didn’t waste any time jumping in on their 1960's theme. They got groovy and celebrated 50 years (rockin’ it since 1968) carrying their fun theme pervasively throughout their event. They even kicked exhibiting prices back to a different era (cool man!) They tapped into trade show nostalgia with a vintage campaign (a year in advance) to create buzz and get everyone excited about their 50th! Their concentration on honoring family businesses impressed, while their overall fun factor and ability to increase their numbers across the board astounded!

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Offshore Technology Conference – Why a finalist? Because of MANY slick reasons; 50 years of drilling down and keeping a positive attitude (and celebrating in an industry that has been beaten up a few times) wow, what a team! We loved how they highlighted companies that have been there for 50 years in a row. We salute Freeman for being there from the beginning (making it a signature event for them). We were mesmerized by the local graffiti artist, @GONZO247 who actively painted an 8x8x8x8 cube (talk about thinking inside AND outside the box! Whoa!) They thought of everything; even a commemorative coin marking the 50-year celebration. Their engaging social media efforts highlighting trade show history (#OTC50) was inspiring!  

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Vision Expo – Why a finalist? Because of their incredible insight and savvy reaction to see changes in their industry (and ability to adapt and overcome) - they really know their customers! Their strategy of tapping effectively into a partnership to serve their exhibitors and attendees while keeping it very fresh and styling impressed. We were in awe over the access to education they provided and the level of collaboration they demonstrated. Their increased show numbers left us admiring the vision they had for their event!

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JLC Live New England – Why a finalist? Because of their strong ability to overcome 4 nor'easters (and keep going strong – they blew us away!) We respect the way they incorporated a focus on woman in their male dominated industry. They “wowed” us by folding in 800 high school students into their event (nice way to stay in touch with the local area and grow future event peeps!) They also impressed us with an incredible amount of hands on demos. Talk about relating to your audience in an engaging way; they really know how to “build” a show! 

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Game Developers Conference – Why a finalist? Because innovation is the “name of their game” for sure! They dazzled us with their effective communication methods; developing personas including unique value propositions and event content aligned to diverse event peeps! Their team did not play around when it came to introducing “Vision Track” - a series of mini-keynotes designed to provoke and inspire regardless of job roles. GDC really shined, coming alive with emotional connections and “Instagrammable moments” because of their “Festival Map” of the venue and layout of show elements with video-game inspired artwork. Like we said – they really know how to be innovative!  

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Xperience Design Project (XDP) powered by ASAE – Why a finalist? Because we LOVED the "Lab" – a collaborative learning environment. Their "Captains" made learners feel like they were on a team, while they were able to keep them undistracted (in this era - a real feat!) and WOW on the furniture and atmosphere! We applaud their brainstorming logistic abilities too – they overcame the challenge of creating event space outside. How? They got creative, pulled their whole team together and built unique learning environments showcasing views of the Potomac River as well as hosting sessions they previously did not have space for (nice Xperience for sure!)

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Expo Manufactura – Why a finalist? Because of their matchmaking skills, bravery to bring in large machinery in response to their event peeps needs and for being a trendsetter for the Manufacturing Sector! They have earned bragging rights for long term partnering abilities and devotion to business relationships. We relish their International abilities to assemble and unite their community. We salute their innovation, automation, evolving industrial processes but most of all their forward-thinking revolutionary endeavors while pumping out impressive show numbers across the board!

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We asked shows to simply answer the following questions...

What challenge(s) did the show face? What was the “Best of Show” solution(s)? And what were the overall results and impact on the show? What innovative practices, customer service and/or networking environments occurred to make it the best show ever? For example, what tightened the attendee/exhibitor relationship? Describe how you created “WOW” experiences! Did you initiate an “out of the box” idea? If so, did it add some excitement to the show floor that created an unparalleled end-user experience? Did your event or team celebrate a milestone? (you might have some boasting to do)! Did you improve your show's "green" factor? Did your specific industry have a tough year but your team adapted and overcame? How did they accomplish that? Don't be shy - explain the overall creative strategies which would qualify your event for a “Best of Show” award!

The 2018 TSNN Awards hosted by the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau is a 3-day celebration of not only the 50 fastest-growing trade shows in the U.S., but also the “Best of Show” nominees, The Expo Group’s Show Manager of the Year award winners, TSNN Tech Innovation Award winner and the Industry Icon Award honoree – the Association of Equipment Manufacturer’s Megan Tanel!

The show managers from the top seven final shows were invited to attend the 2018 TSNN Awards: Celebrating Trade Show Success for a fantastic three-day event where the final  two winners of the Best of Show Awards will be named!

Questions? Reach out to Arlene Shows, TSNN's Marketing Director: ashows@tarsusus.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Best of Show Lightfair 2013

Thanks to CadmiumCD for use of their amazing awards software to collect nominations!

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