Education Conference


Education Conference

TSNN Awards Education Conference 

8:00 AM  9:00 AM

Breakfast - The Belo Mansion

9:00 AM  12:30 PM

Conference - The Belo Mansion

9:10 AM  10:30 AM

Session: "Leveraging Awe and Designing Transformation Event Experiences for the Way People Think"

Brain science can guide event and trade show professionals who want to unlock the ability to transform attendees. Strategic, creative and logistic choices can harmonize to inspire awe in the human audience to create long-term, meaningful results. What are the basic scientific principles we should know? How can we achieve optimal environments for our audiences to continue growing business?


10:30 AM  11:15 AM

Session: "A Trio of Transforming Trade Shows"

Delve into three specific case studies (12-15 minutes each) of an organization putting in the hard work on strategy, creative, execution to reimagine their trade show to positive results. Speakers will share rapid-fire why and how they are on the TSNN fastest-growing shows list. What are they doing different? Has some special program drastically contributed to the growth? Have they created a great team or adopted a new leadership style?


11:15 AM  11:30 AM

Session Break

11:30 AM  12:15 PM

Session: "Using Design Thinking Principles to Create Awe"

America’s great cities and museums are models for how design thinking can create awe and tap into those brain science principles. Learn what design thinking is, how that process plays out for each of these professionals, how your team can capitalize on that and then how design thinking might inspire event spaces and trade shows.


12:30 PM  2:30 PM

Lunch and Keynote - The Belo Mansion

  • Brooks Thomas is a social business senior advisor at Southwest Airlines


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