2019 Event Schedule


2019 Event Schedule

Event Schedule - TSNN Awards 

Saturday, November 16, 2019
  1. This class will start with slow stretching, to wake the body and work out the tweaks from traveling and sleeping in a new place. After slowly waking the body up, you will move and flow, breathe per br ...
  2. If you’ve ever hiked among giant sequoias, viewed the dramatic display of the Aurora Borealis, watched the sun set over a tranquil lake or listened to the Vienna Philharmonic’s annual New Year’s conce ...
  3. Delve into three specific case studies (12-15 minutes each) of an organization putting in the hard work on strategy, creative, execution to reimagine their trade show to positive results. Speakers wil ...
  4. America’s great cities and museums are models for how design thinking can create awe and tap into those brain science principles. Learn what design thinking is, how that process plays out for each of ...
  5. EvConFITNESS Boot Camp will help build strength through a variety of intense group intervals for a 45 minute period. This class will build up your heart rate, get you sweating and help you burn those ...


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