TSNN Best of Tech Innovation Award

TSNN Best of Tech Innovation Award

TSNN Best of Tech Innovation Award - exclusively sponsored by GES

Why was ASCRS-ASOA (The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) chosen for the TSNN Best of Tech Award?

Because they have a clear vision on the design of their show floor, its show management booth and their registration area. For five years they have carefully examined data driven recommendations to improve each area of the show. What’s the prognosis? Their event is more than cured –it’s thriving! Impressively, ASCRS·ASOA used ethnoMetrics (intuitive exhibit technology which understands attendee behavior to improve ROI and engagement). The results were clearly impressive, especially in these three vital areas...

Exhibit Hall Density - ASCRS·ASOA has improved its exhibit hall density YOY since using ethnoMetrics.

Changes to the exhibit hall include:

• The three most popular anchors were identified and ASCRS·ASOA spread them out to better balance traffic.

• ASCRS·ASOA moved anchors away from entrances to drive traffic to middle and other parts of hall that were not traditionally ‘hot’ zones.

• To encourage more regular traffic flow, ASCRS·ASOA added another continuous cross aisle to run left-right.

Show Management Booth– As a result of data from ethnoMetrics, ASCRS·ASOA’s Show Management booth was redesigned. After initial redesign:

• Visitation and attraction both increased substantially

• Attendee dwell time increased 2x

Registration - ethnoMetrics studied ASCRS·ASOA’s registration area, and after the initial study:

• Self-Registration was shifted to one-stop configuration (i.e. single stop for badge & materials). This change sped up overall processing time 40% from prior year. Since then, ASCRS·ASOA has maintained better than average processing times.

• ASCRS·ASOA used registration traffic data to make adjustments and to monitor processing times to ensure they stay efficient. ASCRS·ASOA and ethnoMetrics continue to analyze the registration layout and floor layout to make adjustments as the show rotates to different facilities and as the Associations’ needs change.

Overall, this show delivered on understanding their events constituents with intuitive technology, so for that reason and more we applaud their innovative style! The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery is an international educational society with more than 8,000 members. Its mission is to advance the art and science of ophthalmic surgery and the knowledge and skills of ophthalmic surgeons by providing clinical and practice management education and by working with patients, government and the medical community to promote the delivery and advancement of high-quality eye care.

To learn more visit ASCRS.org.


TSNN Best of Tech Innovation Award is exclusively sponsored by GES 



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