Innovation Awards


Innovation Awards

Nominations are open for TSNN's Best of Innovation Awards!

Shows are asked to answer the following questions and consider the following innovative categories (or even make their own category!)  


*Team Building

*Savvy Marketing Campaign 


*Created a Community 

*Best Use of Technology (in any way!) 

*Best Engagement 

*Brave, Courageous & Adaptable

This awards program will honor and celebrate the “Best of Innovation” – shows that have truly shone brightly in the past two years with maybe a new marketing program or an amazing virtual or hybrid event or they could have created a great community or found new ways to serve and engage their audiences.

Simply answer the following questions...

What challenge(s) did the show face? What was the innovative solution(s)? And what were the overall results and impact on the show? What innovative practices, customer service and/or networking environments occurred to make a fantastic event (even though they were against all odds...) For example, what worked for engaging attendees? What worked to tighten the exhibitor relationships with buyers? Was data leveraged in an outstanding way? Describe how you created “WOW” experiences! Did you initiate an “out of the box” idea? If so, did it add some excitement to the event that created an unparalleled end-user experience? Did your event or team celebrate a milestone? (you might have some boasting to do)! Did you improve your show's social media reach? Did your specific industry (and/or team) have a tough few years but your team adapted and overcame? How did they accomplish that?

Don't be shy - explain the overall creative strategies which would qualify your event for an innovation award! 

***Winners need to be present and on site to receive awards. 

Questions for submissions? Reach out to Arlene Shows, TSNN's Marketing Director:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Best of Show Lightfair 2013


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