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Puerto Rico offers the allure of a unique locale with a vibrant Boricua culture, breathtaking beaches, exquisite cuisine, thrilling adventures, and a variety of natural wonders. This being a U.S. territory with extensive air service from a wide variety of destinations, without the need for a passport for U.S. citizens.

Top 10 things to do in Puerto Rico

Experience local flavors through food – Puerto Rico’s culinary delights are unique in that, beyond their famously flavorful taste, they hold a unique historical blend of influences including African, Taino and Spanish. The Island boasts incredible cuisine, with many food tours available, a great way to indulge your taste buds, while immersing in local gastronomy and history!

Visit a Coffee Hacienda – In Puerto Rico, sipping a cup of coffee is a different experience. Puerto Rican coffee has over 200 years of history and visitors can take a tour of a coffee hacienda (or coffee plantation) to experience what production was like in the 1800s – learn about how the beans are roasted and finish the day sipping some of Puerto Rico’s finest gourmet coffee. There are various haciendas to enjoy Island wide with gorgeous mountainside views.

Stop by a Rum Distillery – The Island is responsible for over 70% of the rum sold in the U.S. Visit one of the various distilleries to learn about this spirit’s famous history, how it’s made, and of course, sample a drink or two! From household names like Casa Bacardí, to the historic Hacienda Santa Ana where you’ll be transported to the 1800s via the Ron del Barrilito rum brand; these experiences are truly special to Puerto Rico.

Learn about Puerto Rico’s Farm-to-table Movement – This space has seen a renaissance in Puerto Rico as of late. Places like Frutos del Guacabo, a flourishing farm-to-table concept that’s more than a working farm, aims to raise awareness on the importance of local food production and creates a local structure by training professionals in the Puerto Rican gastronomy.

Explore one of the Bio Bays – Puerto Rico is home to three of the world’s five bioluminescent bays, including the brightest in the world. Bio bays are a rare ecosystem made of microscopic organisms that glow when shifted, which causes the waters these organisms live in, to light up in a neon blue-green color when you paddle or splash through.

Experience African Culture – Loíza is best known for its rich African heritage, which has been cultivated unlike anywhere else in Puerto Rico, from music and dance to culinary traditions and art. Travelers can take part in a Bomba class to learn the traditional style of music and dance – a popular option for visitors looking to immerse themselves in the unique local culture.

Explore both Modern and Historic Art – The Island boasts everything from colorful street murals to contemporary and chic art museums that date back hundreds of years. Puerto Rico’s art scene is unique, full of history and extends through the various cultural influences found on the Island. The district of Santurce in San Juan is covered with notable street art while just a few miles away in Old San Juan, the Museo de las Américas houses art reflecting the diverse cultures of the Americas, honoring traditions, objects, and stories that make up the American continent.

Tour the Modern Tech at DISTRITO T-Mobile – Puerto Rico’s ultimate venue for entertainment is an amalgamation of multiple restaurants and entertainment complexes to ensure boredom is never an issue. The venue boasts seven different restaurants ranging from Asian cuisine to the real-deal authentic Boricua food experience. You can also catch a movie, concert, take in the lights with LED screens mounted on the ceiling, or even go ziplining – the options are endless making the venue a must visit when on the Island.

Enjoy the Top Rated Beach: Flamenco Beach - Ranked one of the top beaches in the world, this ideal Caribbean beach is picture-perfect and only a short 30 minute ferry to the island of Culebra from the town of Ceiba. The white sand and calm turquoise blue waters makes it perfect for snorkeling, swimming and just relaxing under the sun. While spending a day there, visitors should be sure to check out The Tank, Flamenco’s most iconic attraction.

Dance at the Famous La Factoria Bar - A San Juan favorite and voted among The World’s 50 Best Bars for 5 years, La Factoria is a bar like none other. With multiple bars and rooms to be explored,  this bar has something for everyone. Luis Fonsi’s hit single, Despacito, was even filmed here too. Enjoy a cocktail at Front Bar, migrate to the wine bar Vino for an elegant experience, or dance your heart out to salsa music in Shing-A-Ling. Whether you are looking for craft cocktails, live music and dance, or a relaxing evening, La Factoria has something for you.